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"Arthurian Tarot".

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Created by Caitlin & John Matthews; illustrated by Miranda Gray.

A Hallowquest for all seasons; step into a world of myth and legend.......... This brand new collectors edition features the classic Arthurian Tarot deck, with a completelt revised and updated coursebook, allowing you to acpaint yourself with this rich tarot at a greater depth.

Journey into Arthur's kingdom through the 22 Greater Powers of the Arthurian realm , together with the 56 Lesser Powers depicting the landscapes of Logres, the ancient Arthurian kingdom that lies outside of time. The book includes a complete meditation course leading you around the year, with the characters of the Arthurian world as your guides and teachers, along with detailed card meanings, divination methods and a wide selection of cinsultation spreads.

By following the seasonal quest for the Hallows - the ancient treasures of the Goddess of the Land - you discover the spiritual empowerments of your soul's spurpose. Meditate on the suits of Sword, Spear, Grail and Stone to assimilate the teachings of the cards and establish your own access to the realms within the timeless Kingdom of King Arthur and his court.

Pack contains 78 full-colour cards and a 240-page illustrated guidebook.