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"The Egyptian Tarot".

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The studies of Jean Baptiste Pitois together with the stupendous images by Silvana Alasia allow cartomantic magic to be thoroughly explored. The mysteries of ancient Egyptian knowledge are revealed Arcanum after Arcanum through the description of an enchanting initiatory rite.

The Book. The renowned studies of Jean Baptiste Pitois on the Egyptian origin of the Trot are explained using two interpretive points of view; historical, by Giordano Berti and esoteric, by Tiberio Gonard.

The Tarot deck. Painted with tempera on original papyrus sheets by Silvana Alasia, and reconstructing the original hieroglyphs, these Arcan guide the reader on the path for penetrating into the mysteries of 4,000 years ago.

The pack contains; The Egyptian Tarot deck of 78 full-colour cards and a 160-page companion book.