Altar Bag - Toad Bones


Based on an Elizabethan "petal bag", this is the ideal piece of equipment for the travelling pagan or witch. When folded, the bag can be carried discretely in any piece of hand luggage for business trips or holidays. When each "petal" is unfurled a drawstring bag is revealed, which opens to form the altar cloth base. In each "petal" is a pocket containing one of the following, handmade, ceramic items; a small bowl for water, a miniature candle-stick, a small josstick or incense cone holder and a disk for salt or earth. Within seconds, you have a miniature altar for ritual or devotional work, wherever you might be. Other, personal magical items can also be stored in the bag for transport.

Size approx 32cm. in diameter. Embroidered silk inner; embroidered felt outer.

As each one of these altar bags is individually handmade, commisions can be taken for your own personal or group sign, symbol or design. Please contact us to discuss.