Enchanters Willow Wand.


Folk Magic Wands.
These wands are all made according to the old woodcraft lore and magical principles of the secret artes. Each wand is hand cut from a specific tree, working with the natural energies of the plant. The wood is then dried, carved and fashioned by hand, according to the intuition of the maker, guided by the spirit of the tree. Each is then hand-polished, using natural beeswax polish, also made by hand.
Charms may then be added to enhance the working energy of the spirit of the wood, the better to increase the magic of the wand. These items are far from being toys, but living, magical tools which will give years of good service, if treated with respect and care.

This is a hand-made Willow Wand, carved to a point and drilled at the base for holding a copper etched pentagram charm. Suited for all aspects of magic pertaining to the Moon and Enchantment. Beeswax polish finish. Overall length 13" approx.
One only.

Hand crafted by Nigel G. Pearson.