Magical Herbs & Resins - Lavendar flowers


Lavendar (Lavandula angustifolia).

Planet; Mercury. Gender; Masculine. Element; Air.

Lavender is primarily used in love spells and to attract romance. Either burned as incense or used in sachets and charm bags its fragrant aroma induces an emotional response. It is also used to protect against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse if worn on the person. Lavendar is also much used in healing spells and rituals; it can be used as a incense or worn on the body, or the flowers rubbed on the limbs to stimulate recovery. It induces sleep and rest and lifts the feelings of depression in the sick and injured. Lavender is also carried to enable the bearer to see ghosts, worn to protect against the evil-eye and is added to purification baths.

Supplied as dried flowers; price is for 25 grammes.