Magical Herbs & Resins - Mugwort


Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris).

Planet; Venus/Moon. Gender; Feminine. Element; Earth/Water.

Mugwort is the original British/European "smudging" herb. It was long used to cleanse and clear all forms of negative energy and to cast out all evil spirits, before "smudgesticks" (American Sage) became popular. It is a very strong repeller of all malevolent vibrations and can be taken as a tea or infused in the bath for a similar personal effect. The other main use for this herb, is as an aid to divination; burned as an incense, either alone or with a combination of Wormwood herb, or drunk as a tea prior to scrying, it heightens the inner senses and helps to produce visions. It is also used to produce prophetic dreams and aid in astral projection.

Supplied as dried, chopped herb; price is for 25 grammes.