"Treading the Mill: Workings in Traditional Witchcraft", by Nigel G. Pearson. Standard hardback.


First published as ‘Treading the Mill – Practical Craft Working in Modern Traditional Witchcraft’, this new edition of Nigel G. Pearson’s popular book is presented with a new chapter, revised text and is complimented with photography from the author and new imagery.




Introduction to the 2nd. and 1st. Editions.

Chapter 1. Hallowing the Compass
                       Calling the Directions
                       Content of the Rite
                       Closing Statement & Thanksgiving
                       Honouring the Directions
                       Opening/Dismissing the Compass
                       Place of Working

Chapter 2. WandCrafting
                       What is a Wand?
                       Aspects of Traditional Tree Lore
                       Types of Wood
                       Some Native Trees
                       Cutting Wood for Magical Purposes
                       Creating your Wand
                       Finishing Off your Wand
                       A Hallowing Rite.

Chapter 3. SpellCrafting.
                       What is a Spell?
                       Verbal Charms and Chants
                       Herbal Magic and Wortcunning
                       Simples, Potions, Oils and Lotions
                       Elemental & Nature Magic.
Chapter 4. Censing the Sacred.
                       History & Background
                       Practical Applications of Incense
                       Incense Burning
                       Incense Materials
                       Incense Blending
                       A Rite of Offering.

Chapter 5. Entering the Twilyte.
                       Some Definitions
                       Personal Protection
                       Focus and Attention
                       Accumulating Power
                       Trance Working
                       Soul Flight or Transvection.
Chapter 6. SpiritWorking.
                       Spirits of the Natural World
                       Spirits of Home and Hearth
                       Concerning Familiars
                       The Fetch Body
                       The Ancestors and the Mighty Dead
                       The Elvenkind or Faerie Folk.
Chapter 7. Approaching the Powers.
                       The God
                                  King of the Wildwood
                                  Walking the Way
                                  The Lord of the Mound
                                  Entering the Maze
                                  The Master of Light
                                  Calling the Master
                       The Goddess
                                  The Great Queen
                                  Addressing the Dame
                                  The Black Goddess
                                  Watching the Stars Below
                       Approaching the Power
                                  A Rite of Self-Dedication to the Old Power.

Selected Bibliography and Suggested Reading List.

Standard Hardback Edition
Buttermilk 120gsm matt, textured dust jacket over a black case binding with gold foil blocking to spine, 90gsm white paper stock, red endpapers, with red head and tail bands.